Are you a DECORATIVE or FUNCTIONAL pillar? – Part 3

Being a decorative or functional pillar in the context of families can be daunting and at best challenging, but our trust is in God to help us embrace and express the people He already made us to be. The scripture makes us understand, “God sets the solitaries in families,” read Psalm 68:6. In other words, every pillar belongs in the context of a family; the man as the pillar to be the provider and leader of his home (trusting God in the process), trusting the Lord to make him “God’s own man,” the woman, making her the pillar of being a home maker; Proverbs 31:10-31 gives us deep insights into the pillar made out of a woman. I heard my earthly father say this to me before I got married, “To be a real man takes God.” Continue reading “Are you a DECORATIVE or FUNCTIONAL pillar? – Part 3”