Presence or Position: Procrastinating Leader. David – Part 8

David was a very successful king; whose heart was steadfast before the Lord; yes steadfast. David was a king who was quick to acknowledge where he went wrong and repented. Let us see God’s testimony concerning David, “After He deposed Saul He raised David to the throne, a man of whom God himself bore testimony in the words, ‘I have found David …. the son of Jesse …. a man after my own heart, who will do all my will.” Read Acts 13:22 (Phillips). Such a powerful testimony, and guess what, David does not own the exclusive right to those words pronounced over him, you and I can, and be, beneficiaries of the same pronunciation, this is the truth dearly beloved. In everything David accomplished as king, he was a procrastinating leader. Let us look at Biblical texts to help us gain further insight. Continue reading “Presence or Position: Procrastinating Leader. David – Part 8”