Pathway to Contentment: This is how we do it – Part 6

hdr-pathway-by-darkphoenix36-on-deviantart_pathway-pictures_small-bedroom-decoration-architecture-blog-loft-bed-ideas-for-rooms-bathroom-apartments-stairway-chimney-christmas-.jpgThe Apostle Paul writes, “I have learned the secret of being Content.” In other words Contentment is a field which must be cultivated, and cultivation takes observation and attention. Now, let us get right into the scriptures, to establish God’s truth. Christ is the key to Contentment, hence the Bible says, “And this is the secret: Christ in your hearts is your only hope of glory.” Read Colossians 1:27 (TLB). So how do we embrace and walk in the reality of Contentment? Continue reading “Pathway to Contentment: This is how we do it – Part 6”