Pathway to Contentment: Effects of Covetousness – Part 5

hdr-pathway-by-darkphoenix36-on-deviantart_pathway-pictures_small-bedroom-decoration-architecture-blog-loft-bed-ideas-for-rooms-bathroom-apartments-stairway-chimney-christmas-By now, I am sure you are beginning to understand why the Bible tells us to run from greed and Covetousness. Its impact can be devastating, because people get into all kinds of schemes to look the part, involve in get rich quick schemes; and the Bible calls it un-wise. Moving right along, let us continue to explore Biblical text’s on the impact of Covetousness. Beloved, hear my heart on this issue, “You and I have not been designed or fashioned to bear the weight of our own provision; but it looks to me we seem to be carrying the weight and the cares of this world.” I counsel you, “Release the weight of it,” it is already too heavy for you to carry. Let him who has an ear to hear, what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.” Continue reading “Pathway to Contentment: Effects of Covetousness – Part 5”