Wake up to a brand new day: Awaken to Praise – Part 6

39120-manlookingatsun-sunburst-thankful-thinkstock-beerphotographer-531630954.1200w.tnThe Bible says, “Let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the LordPraise the Lord! (Hallelujah!).” Read Psalm 150:6 (AMP). From the verse of scripture, we can see a direct command to praise (to give commendation and a praise to someone), and in this instance, reference is being made to God Almighty. If you are reading this, that means you have breath in you; so what are you waiting for to lift up your hands, or open up your mouth and give God thanks and praise for life? This is quite an instructive verse of scripture; “let everything that has breath PRAISE the Lord. In other words, praise is not based on what you have or don’t have, the fact you have breath in you is the only good enough reason to PRAISE to God. Continue reading “Wake up to a brand new day: Awaken to Praise – Part 6”