“For you are God’s Masterpiece.”

“For you are God’s masterpiece…”

The word masterpiece in the architectural world refers to a structure or an edifice to behold, a form of extra ordinary piece of design, something superlative of its kind, an outstanding or extravagant piece of art, a fine display of skill, excellence and ingenuity, C’est magnifique, a showpiece and a gem. Now think with me for a moment, “FOR YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE.” In light of the plethora of words used to describe MASTERPIECE, you are God’s masterpiece! Seriously, I don’t know if I should be shouting, jumping, lifting up my hands in praise to God or what. You are His masterpiece, pause and calmly think on this. This is an awesome verse of scripture to behold and meditate upon. Maybe the reality of this scripture is circling in your mind; the gravity of this Bible verse is breathtaking. “For you are God’s masterpiece,” watch this, you are God’s finest, God’s purest and He saved the best for last, Hallelujah, Glory to God. Continue reading ““For you are God’s Masterpiece.””