Shhhhhssssh: Peace be still – Part 1

Mark 4-39.pngWhen you turn on the news channels or read the newspapers, one theme seems to be prevalent; and that is chaos and a lack of peace. In the UK, if it is not Brexit, then it is knife stabbings. In the US, if it is not the government shutdown, then it is the Democrats versus the Republicans or those obsessed with Trump. In Nigeria, if it is not the government and judiciary battle, then it is Boko Haram and corruption or the Apapa gridlock. Bombings of the Church in the Philippines, the Brazil dam incident, footballers plane missing; as if it is not enough, children and young adults misbehaving, then the Church (we the people of God) get into the fray with one story or the other, and the list goes on. I certainly don’t know what is brewing or causing a storm in your life or home and business, but this advice I have for you, command the storm to “Shhhhhsssh: Peace be still.” Continue reading “Shhhhhssssh: Peace be still – Part 1”