Presence or Position: Social issue Leader – Judas. Part 10

A social issue leader is one who is spoiling for a fight, ready to support an uprising; this type of leader is looking to work alongside someone who is willing to lead the battle, but once things change, he or she switches allegiance, and a Biblical example is Judas Iscariot. And yes, you guessed right, one of Jesus’s disciple’s. Judas Iscariot’s initial plan was to tag along with Jesus, since he thought Jesus Christ came to take over rule from the Roman Empire. In a sense, Judas was right with his thought, because Jesus did come to take over, and not take sides. And when he realised and heard Jesus was going to die and be the saviour of the world, and not overthrow the Roman Empire, he freaked out, and started to plan an exit strategy, hence the betrayal. Continue reading “Presence or Position: Social issue Leader – Judas. Part 10”