I have found the Book of the Law – Part 3

I have found the Book...a I wanted to get into the core of my Scripture and exegete but sense the need to build a bit more on the foundation.

I was attracted to this Scripture in 2 Kings 22:8 (MSG) because of a young man’s attitude; the king of Judah named Josiah, and how he handled the Book of the Law. It is mentioned about Josiah that he was a great reformer, who was keen on leading God’s people back to righteous living. Josiah saw and heard the Book of the Law read to him and he was determined to fulfil every bit of it with the help of God. Now, this was a man whose heart was prepared to seek the Lord. Beloved, as the people of God, how willing are we to follow through on God’s counsel? Continue reading “I have found the Book of the Law – Part 3”