Wait Patiently and Confidently – Part 1

Patiently WaitingWaiting sometimes can be a very uncomfortable experience; and especially when you have to wait for any length of time. Listen to this quote, “Patience is a bitter plant that produces sweet fruit.” Chuck Swindoll. As you might be aware or not, anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. I enjoy steak quite a bit especially when I go the United States, and when they ask, how do you want your steak sir? I say to them well done. Consequently, the response from the waiter would be, because you want your steak well done, it will take some time for it to be ready, and I say okay. Inadvertently, what I have communicated to the waiter is; I am willing to be patient for my steak to be properly cooked and confident in the Chef’s ability to produce one of the best ever steak. To build a house, the foundation must be dug deep enough and properly, and this requires waiting patiently for the concrete to become rock solid before progressing to the next phase of construction. Continue reading “Wait Patiently and Confidently – Part 1”