It’s a divine privilege to be invited as a contributing author on this site, on the matter regarding what ‘thus says our Lord’ for this hour. I’ve preached and written a lot in my few decades as God’s mouthpiece, but when I pick up a new gig like this, I always prefer to take us back to the point of salvation so that everyone can trend along with me, peradventure I can incite a holy-commotion in some of you, re-ignite the first love flame in others and then you can pick up with Christ’s agenda wherever you fell off. Together we shall begin to celebrate your new testimonies as you become an undeniable living proof of Christ in these dynamic days.

My take on salvation is not much different from what you have heard before, except that where we all slightly differ is; how we receive Rhema in our individual journeys, which takes us individually into different realms and then produce different unique results that become our individual stories to be contributed to the bible that will always be projected by our individual testimonies. Our different stories and testimonies become a part of God’s bible on earth written in the hearts and lives of men thereby continuing the legacy set before us by those we read about in the bible.

After salvation we continue to embody the Triune God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) but in order to begin to walk and work as gods on earth; Jesus in John 10:34 while quoting Psalm 82:6 noted I said, ‘you are gods’; you are all sons of the Most High. We have to as new born babes desire the sincere milk of the gospel to gradually grow into eating strong meat and then we begin to break bones. As we eat the Logos the Holy Spirit continually breathes on the Logos that we receive to become Rhema. Rhema-flow to individuals based on one same logos which is Christ himself – The word of God.

Christ came to primarily restore us to the original plan of God ‘ONENESS’; many can describe this through different kinds of semantical ambiguities, it really does not matter what we feel the people should hear, be it diluted or adulterated. The Holy Spirit filters out the incorrect so that we can receive only what WORDY according to his prophetic agenda for the moment. God’s word is always purposed.

We have to bear in mind that God works based on his prophetic agenda, as it’s written: God will do nothing without first revealing it to his prophets” (Amos 3:7). In the light of this, you will come to experience with my subsequent writings that I can use the same Bible text or reference at different times yet with different emphasis, it depends on what God wants to communicate at that point in time.

So once again, I appreciate this opportunity to have you as my audience, I pray that you will never miss your mark. Nothing is permitted to distract you from what God has for you. So do not allow yourself to be distracted. No one is permitted to bother you, so do not approve it.

Whenever his word comes, I pray that you will plug into the realm of enlightenment that will usher you into God’s ordained destiny. Being rest assured that God’s word never returns to him void,  simply receive the word, and it will bring itself to pass in your life. Remain Blessed in Jesus’ Mighty name.


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