Keeping the hedge up – Part 1

I am excited to be discussing this insight with you. In the book of Job, I noticed something Satan knows about us, that we do not know about ourselves. Job 1:6-9 (TLB) “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?” …”Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?” Now Satan’s response stunned me, and I had a light bulb moment; watch what Satan said, …So Satan answered the Lord and said, “Why shouldn’t he when you pay him so well?” Satan scoffed. You have always protected him and his home and his property from all harm. You have prospered everything he does—look how rich he is! No wonder he ‘worships’ you! Can you see the insight yet? Okay, let me point it out; Satan knew you and I already had a covenant of protection, provision and prosperity, hence he made the statement he made concerning Job. So my dear friends, I submit to you, God has already blessed, prospered and protected you, including all that concerns you, pause and calmly think. In other words I am saying, you and I are not disadvantaged we are a blessed, prosperous, and secure people in the love and covenant of God. Watch this, the conditions that exists in the environment or economy has no effect on our prosperity, safety and security. God has covenanted Himself to you and I, and He has protected us through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Let us dig deeper into this. I see the hedge as a blessing in the context of the verse we just read in Job 1, because Satan said “You have always put a wall of protection around him and his home and his property. You have made him prosper in everything he does.” So my dear brothers and sisters, “God’s blessing is a wall of protection round about us; and as a result, we are to value God’s word above all else. Watch this, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. God’s blessings are a fortress round about all that concerns you, hence Psalm 138:8 (KJV) “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever, forsake not the works of thine own hands.” Job 1, exploded like a capsule in my spirit, and I thank God my eyes are anointed to see, and my eyes blessed to see God’s revelation in this text. Hey reader, meditating on the word of God releases insight into your human spirit.

We are told from Ecclesiastes 10:8 “When the hedge is down, the serpent will bite.” My question then is, how did the hedge come down? What happened to Job or what did Job do on His part to bring the hedge down? Remember and do not forget this, “There is a hedge of protection round about us. “It is important to keep this thought in your view, as I can guarantee, you would be trying to reconcile, why the hedge came down, even after God has built a hedge or wall of protection around you and I. So let us get into this truth and revelation. Scripture tells us why the hedge came down. Job 3:1-26 gives us a plethora of reasons why the hedge came down. “After this opened Job his mouth, and cursed his day, and Job spake and said…” Can you see why the hedge came down? Yes, I see it now, O wow… Are you indicating that what Job said caused the hedge to come down, therefore exposing himself to the elements? Yes, that is true; Job uttered words that were not consistent with God’s word. Does this resonate with you; even in your own life, we verbalize words out of frustration because of the situation and circumstances surrounding us? Please understand, we are insulated under the word of God, hence when someone becomes indoctrinated by false thinking, especially when it is fuelled by worry and the cares of this world; will most certainly and always end up using their mouth to their own detriment, like what happened to Job. Scripture says, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge…”  Read Hosea 4:6 (NIV). I want to encourage you to read the entire chapter 3 of the book of Job. It is important you see this from scripture, and as you do, the author of the book; the scripture, will reveal truth to your human spirit, hence it is important to hear God’s words and not man’s words. God’s word stirs up peace, expectation and hope. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, for “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Read Colossians 1:27.

My assignment from this series is to help bring clarity with simplicity and insight; therefore be open minded, hear with the ears of your heart and see with the eyes of your spirit and perceive with the heart of faith. The next few “Kolumns” would reveal how you and I can keep the hedge up with the help of the Holy Spirit. Tune in, clear your filters, prepare your hearts, and let us hear what the Lord is saying to us.

We write You read Be encouraged.


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