Announcement! – Part 1

51.pngI was inspired by this thought after reading the story of John the Baptist. John was a herald, a town crier and a watchman looking out for the souls of humanity, hence he constantly witnessed about the coming of Jesus Christ, “the only one fit and anointed to take away the sins of the world.” 

John the Baptist demonstrated an insatiable appetite for sharing the Gospel with his strong message of repentance, and I believe this is what we should equally embrace.   Watch this, you don’t have to be an evangelist to be a witness for Christ, a million times no, hence Ephesians 4:11 makes it clear that there are those who have the special gift of evangelism.

An announcer is someone who makes known, reveals, discloses and bring back tidings. In like manner, John the Baptist was an announcer of Christ, and he brought the message of repentance, likewise, we are announcers about God’s grace and goodness to humanity. This is not something which should be done with complacency as several opportunities present itself day by day.

Those who are involved in any form of media especially television, radio or any form of visible media use a microphone and announce as fact the news of the day. These people are called newscasters, broadcasters and they broadcast news they might or might not have heard seen or verified. For us as Christians, we announce with certainty our hope in Christ because of the resurrection of Christ.

Subsequent posts will dig deeper into our role as credible, corroborative witnesses so don’t go away, keep your eyes on this. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving us a voice to announce your righteousness, grace, goodness and mercy upon this earth in Jesus Name.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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