What do​ indices tell you? Part 1

Index graph of stock market financial indicator analysis on LED.If someone were to ask, what are some of the indices to say the world and its foundation is out of course? How will you respond? Our response should not be based only on what the eyes can see, but should be critically evaluated on the basis of scripture. Think with me for a moment, financial experts, fund managers talk about indices when they refer to the different financial markets like the Dow Jones, FTSE etc. Indices give an indication about the strength or measure of something and have you not realised that every aspect of society uses some sort of indices to determine the next set of actions? The word indices is defined as “a sign or measure of something.” 

Without indices, it will be a challenge for fund managers to determine or figure out the behaviour of the financial market. And quite frankly financial markets can’t do without indices otherwise they will not have enough fact on how to advise investors. So what happens when they look at these indices which might show or not show turbulence in the market? They will put structures in place to help them navigate the financial market imbalance, and this they will do for as long as it takes.

Now, let me say, the Bible is clear when it says “We should examine ourselves…” Read 2 Corinthians 13:5. So we are not examining anyone but ourselves, and we are examining scripture to be aware of these indices as we develop in our relationship with Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit so that we avoid these pitfalls. To help us better understand these indices, let us then listen to what the Bible says in Romans 1:18-32 (AMP). This text list some interesting indices which we should not be ignorant about.

  • Ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who in their wickedness suppress and stifle the truth
    • Have you noticed the irreverence for God and His Word in our society today? People think the Bible is outdated and not relevant. Well, I have news for you, the Bible is more than just a book, it is the very heart of God, it is the Father speaking to you and me daily. Therefore, it will behove us to take seriously the entire content of the Bible. People believe their truth is supreme, therefore, ignoring the precepts and guidance of God and His Word. Watch this, the truth remains, God’s Word is the fuel which ignites every man’s heart, why? For there is no other way to the Father, except through Jesus. You know what, the Word of God is what it is, there are no if’s and but’s. God’s Word is as relevant today as it was in ancient centuries when it was written. Listen to this, “For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers’ minds [that they should not discern the truth], preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (the Messiah), Who is the Image and Likeness of God.” Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 (AMPC).
    • Sometimes our behaviour as Christians stifles our testimony about God. Why do I say so? The Bible helps us answer this question, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Read Matthew 5:16 (KJV). Can you see this?

Dearly beloved, hear my heart on this, God will not condone, neither will He ignore the willful and rebellious behaviour. There comes a time when we ought to get back in line, hence Paul writes, I beseech you, therefore, brethren…” Read Romans 12:1 (KJV).

Father God, bless and enlighten our hearts as the Holy Spirit bring these truths to our remembrance in Jesus Name. And as this Word is being spread all over the world, let the Holy Spirit reveal the heart of the Father – Love, to those who will encounter Your Word in some way or another in Jesus Name.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


3 thoughts on “What do​ indices tell you? Part 1

  1. Wow! I liked the analogy you used to explain the text. God truly is faithful and good to you. He has truly blessed you with greater insight into His Word. And thank you for being bold to share.

    Blessings upon Blessings upon you in Jesus Name.

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