Don’t despair, but hope in God – Part 3

Hope in GodWhen fear is excessive it can make many a man despair.” Thomas Aquinas. However, I want to flip this by saying If faith is excessive, then this outcome is inevitable, “For by You I can crush a troop, and by my God, I can leap over a wall.” Read Psalm 18:29 (AMP). In other words, the one who embraces faith sees no obstacle in his or her path. Why is this so? Because “Thy Word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path.”

Watch this, your faith in God must be able to see through the eyes of His Word, and the more we embrace God at His Word without wavering, one will quickly realize despair will disappear. Recall the Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” So what then is the joy of the Lord? The Scripture helps us to answer this question; “Your words were found and I ate themAnd Your words became a joy to me and the delight of my heartFor I have been called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts.” Read Jeremiah 15:16 (AMP). In other words, joy comes from the word of God.

However, the Bible is clear, “Do not fear [anything], for I am with youDo not be afraid, for I am Your GodI will strengthen you, be assured I will help youI will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].” Read Isaiah 41:10 (AMP). Fear paralyzes, faith liberates! Can you imagine the effects of being liberated? It’s freedom to dream and explore life with God without a thing of care because the Bible says, “Pour out all your worries and stress upon Him and leave them there, for He always tenderly cares for you.” Read 1 Peter 5:7 (TPT). Beloved, we have no business being burdened by anything.

Real biblical hope is not vain hope rooted in presumption or wishful thinking but is rooted in the revelation of Gods Word. In a world today where people feel either despair or hopelessness, it is imperative we embrace the fact that our hope is established in Christ, hence the Bible says, “Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes a heavenly treasure chest of hope filled with the riches of glory for his people, and God wants everyone to know it.” Read Colossians 1:27 (TPT).

The encouragement and hope people need is one that is real and authentic and lasting. Our hope is anchored to the unshakeable God. This is worth shouting about, shout along with me, He alone is worthy to be praised.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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