It is well with my soul – Part 2

We have just been talking about the Shunammite woman and what she said in the face of adversity. Let me remind you of what she said again “It is well.” She uttered these words in the midst of great pressure and challenge. Recall, I also mentioned, she received a prophetic word from the prophet Elisha.

Every prophetic word would be tried and tested, and the beauty is that God did not leave you without help, He sent the Holy Spirit to be your helper in the time of trouble. So what practical step did this Shunammite woman embrace in the face of adversity? She went back to the source of the word; hence she took the dead child and placed him on the bed of the prophet, Read 2 Kings 4:21. The bed could be a representation of the connection between the promise and the receiver, a place of remembrance, a place of receiving, a place of revelation and insight.

What prophetic word have you received? What has come against that prophetic word?  First go back to the source, do not cry or complain about it. What practical steps have you taken to ensure when the test comes to try the word; that you are able to withstand the fiery darts coming against you? You can consider doing the following by

  • Establishing yourself in the promise through meditation
  • Establishing yourself in the promise through declaration
  • Establishing yourself in the promise through honouring the word, by seating at the feet of Jesus hearing His word like Mary did (she went after the very one thing which is needful, the most important, and the most assuring – the voice and the word of God.

The prophetic word you received is worth standing and fighting for, so prepare your heart and stand, having done all to stand. And it is my prayer for you that the Lord of host empower you with His immeasurable grace to stand boldly and receive His Word mixed with faith, in Jesus Name.

We write You read Be encouraged.

A Happy Easter to all our readers.


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