“…CALLED on the God of Israel SAYING, “Oh that You would bless me indeed…” – Part 5

The Bible declares, “all is well with my soul.” Heavenly Father, I thank you for scoping my life from the foundations of the earth to fulfil Your purpose. The Bible says, “You show me the path of life, for in Your presence is fullness of joy, on Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Read Psalm 16:11(KJV). Hallelujah. Beloved, I am fully persuaded, that what God has promised, He is able to deliver.” Read Romans 4:21 (NKJV).

Jabez had a revelation of God’s love hence he could call out to God for a change in his circumstance. In like manner, you ought to have a revelation of God’s love for you; and when you are fully convinced about His love, with boldness you are able to call out to God knowing He would hear and perform His word in your life. Amen. Beloved, revelation of God’s love does not come with shallow discernment, but with intentionality. Selah. Remember, the Bible says, “by human strength shall no man prevail.” Read 1 Samuel 2:9b (KJV). Dearly beloved, have you noticed, most of what Jesus was able to accomplish in His minsitry was through WORDS; I would even say His entire ministry was completed on the basis of words He spoke. Likewise, we can shape our lives and ministry through our words. Ricky, so I understand what you are saying, “I can shape my life through my words”? An emphatic yes.

 In previous posts I mentioned, “Gods word is His integrity.” Therefore, a man’s word is His integrity.” In other words, your word is your integrity. Selah. His integrity / word is intact because Jesus said, “He would not revoke His spoken word.” Balak said, “Behold, I have received commandment to bless; and He hath blessed, and I cannot reverse it.” Read Numbers 23:19 (KJV). In like manner, we have equally received a command to bless, to declare Gods word over our lives; so don’t use your mouths to complain, but to bless.

The Lord has said, “He would make my name great and distinguished.” Likewise, I declare I have a great heritage; my Father in Heaven left me a heritage for eternity, and my future is bright in Christ in the Name of Jesus. Amen. This entire series is about confessing (saying the same thing – Homologeo) like God.

Gods word is the catalyst for your endorsement before His creation, it triggers faith and initiates the impossible. Gods creation has a level of intelligence, and your words will interact with the source of all power; Jesus Christ to attract the desired outcome. And in closing, the Bible says, “Great peace have they who love Your law; (the law is His word) nothing shall offend them or make them stumble.” Read Psalm 119:165 (AMPC). The same Bible also says,

“So [it shall be] that he who invokes a blessing on himself in the land shall do so by saying…” Read Isaiah 65:16 (AMPC). In other words, it is up to you and your mouth to invoke a blessing; a blessing of whatever it is the Lord has asked grace to serve you with. Oh my God, this is so true!!!.

Thank you Lord Jesus for Your loving kindness, I love Your word, and I know You love me, and I shout about it all day long; “God loves me.” Hallelujah, Glory to God.

We write You read Be encouraged.


One thought on ““…CALLED on the God of Israel SAYING, “Oh that You would bless me indeed…” – Part 5

  1. Ricky, you are truly blessed of the Lord. He has graced you with abundant ability to populate the globe with His words of His grace.

    The Lord continue to bless and increase you in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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