HRH: Royals are Warriors & Defenders – Part 3

MA_00043933_csgfzd.jpgWhen you look through the Bible, Kings had to fight and defend their territories; and this meant going into battle with other kings and nations to preserve what they believed was theirs. I want to talk specifically about Shammah, the son of Agee from Harar; one of David’s mighty men. He was not just called ‘mighty’ for the sake of the word; oh a million times no. Like I alluded to in my previous post; he achieved awesome jaw dropping exploits. Consequently, I want to single out Shammah, the son of Agee from Harar. Let us investigate the scriptures to find out exactly what he did, and what you and I can learn from it. The Bible says, “Once during a Philistine attack, when all his men deserted him and fled, HE STOOD ALONE at the center of a FIELD OF LENTILS and beat back the Philistines; and GOD GAVE HIM A GREAT VICTORY.” Read 2 Samuel 23:11-12 (TLB). Shammah, though standing alone, he was never really alone, because we know God gave him a great victory. 

I have boldened some key words in the text because I believe these are very critical and would help us in our understanding of what Shammah did. “HE STOOD ALONE,” here Shammah took a position even after his men retreated, he stood his ground because he was fully aware of his responsibility as a soldier and a warrior. Like the saying goes, “No Retreat, No Surrender.” Shammah was willing to protect the very thing he was given, even if it meant costing him his life. I am sure in Shammah’s mind; that was not a day he was ready to die, so his attitude was “bring it on guys.” Subsequently, we are told, Shammah did not only stand alone, but where he stood was also significant; it was a piece of “FIELD OF LENTILS.” He was standing for something he believed the Lord had given to them, so there was no one nor troop or bandit that was going to stand between him and the FIELD OF LENTILS.

You might be wondering at this point, what has standing alone and field of Lentils got to do with you? I am glad you asked, because I am ready to tell you. Standing alone can be an indication of your complete trust in God knowing that whatever He said from His word, He would bring it to pass irrespective of the opposition or whether you have a multitude or no one behind you. The field of lentils can be whatever it is the Lord has committed into your charge. For example your call to ministry, family, career, business or endeavour. The key thing in all of this is to be able to stand for what you believe and if need be die protecting your field.

The Bible says, “Listen to me, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem, and you, O king Jehoshaphat!” he exclaimed. “The Lord says, ‘Don’t be afraid! Don’t be paralyzed by this mighty army! For the battle is not yours, but God’s” Read 2 Chronicles 20:15 (TLB). In other words, here we see the battle is the Lords and not yours; and you are aware that God has never ever lost a battle and He is not about to anytime soon. Therefore, I encourage you to stand your ground and be prepared to protect what God has given to you. Always remember, God has conquered and won every battle, all we have to do is come and gather the spoils of battles already won.

Listen to what the Bible says, “Not in your own strength for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.” Read Philippians 2:13 (AMPC). In other words, the ability to be a warrior and defender is because Gods ability is effectively working in you.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.





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