The basis for my belief: His Covenant – Part 3

fullsizeoutput_1aGod’s nature and character are flawless; it is impeccable, quite frankly, there are no words in the English vocabulary or any other vocabulary for that matter that can describe God’s character and nature, hence He refers to Himself as “I AM.” 

The term COVENANT is defined as “declaration of God’s unconditional promise of blessings.” It also stands for the “seal which accompanied the establishment of the new relationship.” COVENANT is a Latin word which means a coming together, therefore, I see COVENANT as an intertwining, a meshing between two unique entities. A COVENANT is an irrevocable oath, Selah.

God’s COVENANT is His bond, and I believe that is why this Bible verse is so powerful,  “Do you think I’d withdraw My Holy promise? or take back Words I’d already spokenI’ve given My Word, My whole and Holy Worddo you think I would lie to David? His family tree is here for good, his sovereignty as sure as the sun, dependable as the phases of the moon, inescapable as weather.” Read Psalm 89:34 (MSG).

Thinking about this topic, the word “NEVER” was impressed upon me, and I believe it is fitting to introduce NEVER into the COVENANT discussion. We understand human frailty and the tendency to switch when things become tough, but this cannot be said nor mentioned in the context of God, He never changes, hence, “He is [eternally changeless, always] the same yesterday and today and forever..” Read Hebrews 13:8 (AMP). There are no variables with God, He is always constant, in and out of season.

His COVENANT is irrevocable, and nothing can separate you from this COVENANT, that I believe will foster trust and confidence because you know with certainty, He (God) can and will never ever fail you. Let me ask you this question, will you have a relationship with someone you don’t trust? [insert your response here]. We trust God because He will and won’t break His COVENANT

Let me deposit this encouraging assurance to you from God’s Word, saying, “Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps His COVENANT for a thousand generations and lavishes His unfailing love on those who love Him and obey His commands.” Read Deuteronomy 7:9 (NLT). Can you see this? His COVENANT is about His unfailing and lavish love for you. Oh, please don’t miss this part, this is the juice. Where else can you get this type of demonstration of love? If you find it, do let me know!

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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