Announcement! – Part 4

5The true test of a credible witness is their character. Think with me for a moment, people will usually look at the person speaking based on their character traits, and this to some extent will determine whether people will take one seriously or not. We are aware one of the criticisms against Christians is that “character does not match words,” therefore causing a disconnect and alienating the people we are trying to witness to.

The word character originates from the Greek word Ethos which describes a guiding belief or ideals that characterize a community, nation or ideology. So for us as communities of believers, our guiding principle solely rests on our character. Jesus Christ was a man of character, and I believe He set the standard for us to follow.

As I begin to ponder this topic, I am convinced witnessing is not only about what we say, but a great deal to do with one’s character. Our character is who we are, and people read us through our character. So if one’s character is seriously in question, then one’s testimony would be called into question as well, and we can’t afford that to happen. We are an open book to our world, hence in some instances, we won’t need to say much as our life is the open book through which people can see God’s grace and mercy – an even better form of witness or testimony.

The authenticity of a credible witness is borne out of an experience of grace, of love, of mercy and of truth; this is the core I believe of our witness. So when you witness, you are pretty much talking about Christ and His impact not just in your life, but the entire human race. The Bible as always is our pillar and foundation of truth, therefore, during my next posts, we would look at someone in the scriptures in the person of Philip. I want to demonstrate through the text how his character was a greater witness and how it impacted his audience.

This is really going to be interesting and I thank the Lord for His exceedingly abundant grace, mercy and favor in Jesus Name.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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