Speaking: a building block – Part 2

readyblock-brick-rightTo show you how words matter, see what happened between David and Goliath. The Bible says, “The Philistine [Goliath] came out morning and evening and took his stand for forty days.” Read 1 Samuel 17:16 (AMP).  What are you standing for? This is a powerful story and one we can learn from as it relates to speaking words. Imagine with me for a moment, Goliath twice a day for 40 days (80days) harassing God’s people, and that is a lot, don’t you think so? Watch this, words matter.

It takes pure courage to speak God’s Word in the face of opposition, it really does, especially when it is unpopular or against the norms of intellectualism. Now, I am a big fan of education and knowledge, just so you know. Interestingly enough, David engaged Goliath with words; Goliath put fear in the army of Israel with words. But David’s words were covenanted words based on God’s promise to deliver and to fight our battles, therefore, David got ahead in life- he took Goliath’s head off. Therefore, if you want to get ahead in life, learn to speak covenanted words.

David’s words were like a bullet loaded into the chambers of a gun and fired out through his mouth. Now, these were not ordinary words, but they were faith-filled words which God honored. With your own words, you exercise influence and the level to which you influence the course of life depends on the words you speak. So here is the question, why was it that David’s words were more authentic? Quite simple, David’s words honored and acknowledged God’s ability and character.

Watch this, God will honor our words when we use it to build up and will equally be weary when we speak inconsistent and unbelieving words, hence the Bible says, “You have wearied the Lord with your words.” Read Malachi 2:17 (NLT). You don’t want to wary the Lord with your words beloved, instead, extol His greatness. Everything God created has intelligence, hence they responded to His Words.

In like manner, things will respond to your words, remember, you are “one together with Christ,” and because you are one together with Him, you can or will have whatever you say. Your words count for much, therefore, you can’t afford to be carefree or careless with your words. Really the encouragement here is for us to pursue hard after the word, it is what you need to build the kind of life you want.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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