Experiencing Church and not the Glory – Part 4

glory-in-the-churchContrary to what people will say, the Church is not a social networking place. I agree that in the course of attending Church, real relationships and networking is built. I asked myself this question, why isn’t the Church as effective as it ought to? And the one reason I could settle on amongst so many others is that we have turned the Church into a social enterprise, an organization and quite frankly shown a lack of reverence for the House of God. I know this might come across as a bit too hard; Jesus is in the house and He will heal.

Think with me for a minute, when you have an audience with the Queen of England, we are told, your utmost attention is expected. Or let me put it this way, your full attention is demanded. If we will do this for the Queen of England, then why not for the King of kings and the Lord of lords.? God is to be GLORIFIED more than any man or woman.

I truly believe Ezekiel 47:1-12 (NIV) clearly demonstrates God’s intentions for us whenever we come to Church. For us to experience His immeasurable GLORY and GOODNESS. Please go read it. Let me highlight some keep points from the text:

  • Water came up to my ankles – Ankle deep
  • Water came up to my knees – Knees deep
  • Water came up to my waist – Waist deep
  • Water became a river such that one could not cross but must swim.

From the text above, I believe the Lord is wanting us to be drenched and totally overwhelmed in His GLORY, hence the water became a RIVER – and like the text says, “you can only cross by swimming.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


3 thoughts on “Experiencing Church and not the Glory – Part 4

  1. Kolumns keep coming up with such beautiful and inspiring insight to help us in our relationship with the Lord. Thank you for all that you do, and we continue to praise God for His faithfulness and strength.



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