Roland Djediare

Joseph knew his destiny
His siblings wanted to end him for his unique gift and calling
Potiphar’s wife framed him to jail…
But his gift and dreams could not be jailed
His gift announced him in jail
From Jail to Royalty.

From this day henceforth, every human that disrepute or frame you, will watch you rise!
Every enemy to your progress will watch their oppression lead you to promotion, while they experience demotion.

Joseph’s destiny could not be jailed…So your destiny cannot be jailed.
Joseph could not become an errand boy…You shall never be their errand boy.
Joseph’s promotion to Royalty could not be hampered…Yours cannot be aborted.

No one is permitted to stress you, any act that stresses you will encounter divine resistance, so much that they will not be able to explain what happened to them.

This day! as I experience Joseph’s fate and faith upon my life, you shall begin to experience same to The Praise & Glory of God.


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