God delights in you: So should you – Part 2

fullsizeoutput_3dYou’ll take delight in God, the Mighty One, and look to him joyfully, boldly.” Read Job 22:26 (MSG). Watch this, it is not only about you delighting in yourself; it is much bigger than what you think, delighting in the Lord I will equate it to delighting in Gods word and Gods people. I was at a conference this past weekend and I learnt and my understanding got deeper that “the cross of Christ provides the proper perspective of the past, present and future.”

Now watch this, you have been on a journey; God was always in our past because He knew you before the foundations of the earth. God is in our present because He is always with and in us. And yes, He is in our future, because it is in Him we live, move and have our being.” Watch, God is so awesome. Father, thank You! Hey, “God delights in youand I delight in me also because God said so.

Let me remind you before you think my statement was arrogant; Jesus said, “I’m telling you this straight. The Son can’t independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does. The Father loves the Son and includes Him in everything He is doing..” Read John 5:19 (NIV). Therefore, we are to do whatever we see our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ do. 

Now, I want to warn us that people will misunderstand our boldness in Christ to mean arrogance, and they will probably mock us, but let me encourage you to keep moving right along with God; and don’t take it personally, because they might or have not reached the place of understanding like you have. So you bless their darling hearts and keep speaking.

My Father, thank You, Jesus, for delighting in me. You are an awesome God and Father, I am truly in awe of You. You are a good God and Your mercies endure forever.

#God delights in you.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



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