…Just study your Bible – Part 3

Just read your Bible“They found that the Jews of Berea were of more noble character and much more open-minded than those of Thessalonica. They were hungry to learn and eagerly received the word. Every day they opened the scrolls of Scripture to search and examine them, to verify that what Paul taught them was true.” Read Acts 17:11 (TPT). I love this and you want to know why? This text makes it clear that we should not take anyone’s word for it, instead, you and I should go and search the Scriptures for ourselves, to make sure what is written or heard is accurate. So, you don’t have a right to receive anything I have written until you have searched the Scriptures for yourself.

Well, why will you say this? God’s Word has to be the foundation of all truth, and if what anyone is saying is not consistent with the word of God, then it should be discarded. Again, I say this, no one has exclusivity to the Word of God; spiritual enlightenment is available to anyone who will subject themselves to their Bibles. I truly appreciate men and women who will endeavour to study and share the scriptures with simplicity and clarity; however, that should not be enough nourishment for you and me until we research the Bible for ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit deepen and enlighten the eyes of our understanding even further.

Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of Your Word makes my pathway clear.” Read Psalm 119:105 (TPT). This is so beautiful and it helps encapsulate the need for you and me to read our Bibles.

My Father, I am so grateful that You have given me access to Your Word. Thank You for the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to my human spirit, and I am anointed to receive fresh insight from Your throne of grace, and for that, I am thankful in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



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