Samuel: Israel’s Greatest Judge – Part 7

SamuelSamuel, the greatest judge in Israel was faced with an arduous task because he was presiding over a hostile political environment, Israel’s disobedience, sin and rejection of God’s leadership, yet, Samuel was uncompromising. Samuel was greatly used by God to bring order and discipline to Israel including anointing the first two kings in Israel – Saul and David. Samuel’s reputation preceded him!

See what Saul’s servant said of Samuel, “Look here, in this city, there is a man of God, and the man is held in honour; everything that he says comes true.” Read 1 Samuel 9:6a (AMP). I believe the testimony of Samuel was well known across Israel, hence the Bible says, “As Samuel grew up, the Lord was with him, and everything Samuel said proved to be reliable. And all Israel, from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, knew that Samuel was confirmed as a prophet of the Lord.” Read 1 Samuel 3:19-20 (NLT). 

Peter, said, “Now I know for certain that God doesn’t show favouritism with people but treats everyone on the same basis.” Read Acts 10:34 (TPT). Therefore, as it was spoken about Samuel, we can also have the same said about us.

  • Held in honour
  • Accurate and reliable in words and deeds
  • Unquestionably identified with Christ.

Recall what was said of Daniel, “Then this Daniel, because of the extraordinary spirit within him, began distinguishing himself among the commissioners and the satraps, and the king planned to appoint him over the entire realm. Then the [other two] commissioners and the satraps began trying to find a reason to bring a complaint against Daniel concerning the [administration of the] kingdom; but they could find no reason for an accusation or evidence of corruption, because he was faithful [a man of high moral character and personal integrity], and no negligence or corruption [of any kind] was found in him. Then these men said, “We will not find any basis for an accusation against this Daniel unless we find something against him in connection with the law of his God.” Read Daniel 6:3-5 (AMP). Wow…

I want to encourage us to be the Samuels of our time and generation. Let us not compromise our Biblical principles and values, because that is the only standard we have to stand on, especially in the times that we are living in.

My Father, thank You, for Your Word is abiding in me. Your light is shining brighter and brighter and leading me in the path of righteousness for Your glory.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



One thought on “Samuel: Israel’s Greatest Judge – Part 7

  1. Blessings upon blessings to the Kolumns team for this consistent and truth they reveal on their platform. God will continue to bless and increase the works of your hands in Jesus Name.


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