Praise Ye the Lord – Part 6

Praise Ye the LordCurrencies are a generally accepted medium of exchange in the economies of this world. And in the Kingdom of God and as the people of God, praise is a universally accepted currency which will produce the same outcome irrespective of location. Listen to this, currencies are meant to be spent, and in like manner, praise as a currency is to be expended.

In the world today, it is estimated that there are between 164 to 180 currencies, all of which are legal tenders in one form or another. Currency fluctuations are affected by so many factors, such as treasury price fluctuations, inflation, deflation, interest rates, hyperinflation, currency manipulation including printing of currency to shore up the markets. And up until recently, bitcoin and crypto-currency have become a commodity.

These 100 plus currencies experience volatility, in other words, they are unstable, and any money or asset management firm knows instability is bad for business and the economy. Watch this, praise is a currency, and it is meant to be expended. The Bible says, “Enter into His courts with praise, be thankful to Him, and bless His name.” Read Psalm 100:4. Praise as a currency in God’s Kingdom does not respond to the fluctuations in the economy neither is it stimulated by human endeavors; this praise is fixed and immovable. This praise does not fluctuate in value, it holds its value from eternity to eternity.

Think with me for a moment, what do you give someone who owns everything, the world, and the people? Nothing, other than praise will do. Praisenever diminishes in value, praise every responds to market volatility, therefore, praise is a covenant attitude demonstrating one’s confidence in God. Listen to this, “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praisethe fruit of his lips that openly profess His name.” Read Hebrews 13:15. Keyword, “continually.” In other words, the circumstances or the issues of life should not determine your praise! Openly profess His praise, using your mouth. Oh, glory to God, hallelujah.

Song – “We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord [repeat *2]. As we offer up to Him, the sacrifice is of thanksgiving, as we offer up to Him, the sacrifice is of praise.” In other words, praise is sacrificial.

Praise Ye the Lord!

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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