I have found the Book of the Law – Part 5

I have found the Book...aWe have adopted the convenient theory that the Bible is a book to be explained, whereas first and foremost it is a Book to be believed and after that to be obeyed.” Leonard Ravenhill. Again relating this quote by Ravenhill to Josiah’s attitude towards the Book of the Law; he totally believed in the Book and was propelled by his belief to act on it. What I find interesting in the Book of the Law is that it places a demand on you and me to study, meditate and act on what the Word says. 

What is our attitude towards the Word of God? Do we believe it or think it is a book of stories which do not apply to you and me? Listen to Peter’s counsel, “And so we have been given the prophetic wordthe written message of the prophets, made more reliable and fully validated by the confirming voice of God on the Mount of Transfiguration. And you will continue to do well if you stay focused on it. For this prophetic message is like a piercing light shining in a gloomy place until the dawning of a new day, when the Morning Star rises in your hearts.” Read 2 Peter 1:19 (TPT).

Watch this, God’s Word is prophetic, it is a shining light. Prophetic, because, we require God’s Word to navigate the darkness in this world. Remember, “Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of your word makes my pathway clear.” Read Psalm 119:105 (TPT). 

Josiah understood the importance of the prophetic word, he embraced it; which guided him all through his kingship in Israel – Judah. He had a clear pathway because the Book of the Law was his navigation system. God’s Word to you and me are prophetic and the compass for our lives.

My Father, I am grateful. Thank You for Your truth is shining in my heart, and I ask that Your Word will continually guide my heart and mind in Christ Name.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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