20/20 Resolution – Part 8b

2020 ResolutionIn this New Year of 20/20, let Christ be everything to us. Listen to this, “Christ is worth all, or He is worth nothing.” George Whitefield.

In the age of technological advancement, online streaming of live services is growing, and that is a good thing because the media departments of ministries are leveraging on technology to spread the gospel of Christ. However, technological advancement will not be an excuse for you and me to neglect church attendance. Listen to this, “Because of this, encourage the hearts of your fellow believers and support one another, just as you have already been doing.” Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (TPT). What does “because of this” mean? – the assembly and gathering of believers, our coming together is surely an encouragement to each another.

What Asaph wrote in the Psalms explains the importance of going into the house of God. See what he writes, “When I tried to understand it all, I just couldn’tIt was too puzzlingtoo much of a riddle to meBut then one day I was brought into the sanctuaries of Godand in the light of glory, my distorted perspective vanished.” Read Psalms 73:16-17 (TPT). Beloved, in this earth, we will not understand everything which happens and what God does, but like Asaph realized, wisdom and insight came when he was brought into the Sanctuary or what we will call the Church.

And because of the outpouring of God’s grace on my life to be His minister and to preach Jesus, the Anointed One, to the non-Jewish people, I have written rather boldly to you on some themes, reminding you of their importance. For this grace has made me a servant of the gospel of God, constantly doing the work of a priest, for I endeavour to present an acceptable offering to God; so that the non-Jewish people of the earth may be set apart and made holy by the Spirit of holiness.” Read Romans 15:15-16 (TPT). Watch this, as ministers of the gospel of Christ, we must preach Christ and not opinions, Selah.

Looking at the Scriptures I have discussed, it is my desire that we will take Church attendance seriously. Not only in attendance but actively involved in the life of the church like belonging or using our gifts to serve in a department or the other.

My Father in heaven, thank You for the grace and wisdom to find the right place of worship, a place where Your Word is preached and a place where I can contribute using the gifts You blessed me with.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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