Sent out into the wilderness, coming up out from the wilderness. Part 1

large_when-god-seems-silent-nj7cg6wiWilderness “an empty or pathless area or region.” With great sensitivity, I write to say “the wilderness can be an interesting place” if the purpose is properly understood. Scripture tells us “Jesus was driven out into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted.” – Matthew 4:1.

For so long we have been told that the wilderness is a bad place to be, we were told, if you are in the wilderness, then it must have been that “one has done something wrong” to deserve being sent into the wilderness. Well that is further from the truth. Let me ask you, what did Jesus do before being sent into the wilderness? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! So what is the purpose of the wilderness? I am glad you asked. But before I proceed, I want to establish this truth; there are seasons and times in the Spirit, and it would require “coming up hither in those times.” (pause and calmly think), and the wilderness is designed to help us reach those heights in God.

The perfect example to look at where this wilderness perspective is to be properly understood is Jesus Christ. What happened to Jesus in the wilderness, and how did He handle it? Look at the following:

  • The wilderness developed Him as a man
  • The wilderness shaped and deepened His message
  • The wilderness shaped and cemented His voice of authority and commitment.

I believe the wilderness is for our development, perfection and establishment. In the wilderness our relationship and fellowship with the Lord is deepened, is restored and shaped. In the wilderness, perspectives become clearer, in the wilderness, visions and purpose are cemented, in the wilderness strength is developed, in the wilderness focus is restored, in the wilderness direction is known, in the wilderness grace is appreciated, in the wilderness provision is seen, in the wilderness purification and sanctification takes place.

Coming up and out of the wilderness is by the demonstration of Gods power. Up and out of the wilderness; comes with it fertility, greater dependence on God, and a change in demeanour, hence Songs of Solomon 3:6 “who is this coming out of the wilderness…” Songs of Solomon 8:5 “who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved.”

When you come out of the wilderness, it is for a purpose to serve Gods greater purpose for humanity. The wilderness experience is not about you, a million times no, it is about Gods purpose and developing in you character and a steeliness to fulfil and do His bidding. All along, the wilderness has always been about God getting you to a place of purpose in Him.

Keep reading, there is more to come, it is getting interesting right…

We Write You Read Be Encouraged.


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