There is life in the wilderness – Part 6

large_when-god-seems-silent-nj7cg6wiThe bible account of Ezekiel “taken by the hand of the Lord and brought him out in the Spirit of the Lord, and set him down in the midst of the valley, and it was full of dry bones…” Read Ezekiel 37:1-14. The wilderness might look like a very dry and unattractive place to be in, but in the midst of the wilderness is a fountain of life that will water your soul.

Ezekiel was instructed by God to prophesy to the dry bones in the midst of the valley; how come? What was it that Ezekiel did not see that God saw? Brothers and sisters, the wilderness has so many resources for our benefit, and it would take the hand and Spirit of God to enable us access and embrace it. Well one thing is quite clear and emphatic; God never wants us to complain in the valley or wilderness, instead He wants us to PROPHESY and SAY (declare what he Word of God says), and He says to you “Prophesy to these bones.” Remember God saying to Moses in the wilderness “don’t cry to me now, tell the people to move forward…”

There is life in the wilderness, and not just any kind of life, but Gods kind of life. It is a life rich in Gods love, it is a life full of energy, better still, “it is a glorious life.” In the valley or wilderness, one might be tempted to complain or be in despair; I can understand that feeling because I have been there myself, but do not be tempted to moan and complain, instead PROPHESY AND SAY to the dry bones “live.” God has empowered your words through His Spirit, such that “things” will respond to the power in Gods Word in your mouth.

Know this, everything “God created has intelligence” (pause and calmly think about this), hence when we speak faith filled words, “things” have to respond. Hey, are you in the midst of the valley? It is time to PROPHESY, it is time to SAY, it is time to ACKNOWLEDGE, it is time to RISE ON YOUR FEET, it is time to LOOKUP, it is time to declare IT IS WELL, Why? because, the life giver lives in you, hallelujah, glory to God.

Gods kind of life is your exceedingly great army. Gods kind of life is now your shade and protector in the midst of the valley, and from Gods kind of life in you “flows rivers of living water.”

We write You read Be encouraged.


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