The basis for my belief: where do you stand? – Part 8

cropped-paperbackstack_550x4981.jpgLadies and gentlemen death is inevitable. I sometimes hear people say things like, “don’t end up on the wrong side of history. Here is my thought on this statement, ending up on the wrong side of history is when someone willfully, blatantly ignore and reject the gift of salvation. You might not be aware of this, but everyone has a belief system and that belief system pretty much drives and shapes the individual’s life and existence, in other words, there is a particular foundation you have decided to embrace and to stand upon, and it is critically important that you are standing on the right one. I have tried to list some foundations in previous posts.

I do believe we should examine our beliefs since they form a critically course defining moment in our lives. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” You will go in the direction of your most predominant belief. Listen to this beautiful verse of scripture, ‘That man is a fool who says to himself, “There is no God!” Anyone who talks like that is warped and evil and cannot really be a good person at all.’ Read Psalm 14:1 (TLB).

Immediately, when you come across the text ‘Fool,’ there is a sense of anger, and if one is not careful can be thrown off, but I urge you not to be. The word fool in the Hebrew means nabal, which refers to an impious person who has no perception of ethical or spiritual truth. Someone who is wicked (acts of hostility) to spiritual things or matters. When spiritual truths are shared, they get angry and say things like “I don’t need God,” or “what has God done for me.” Hence the Bible says, “It is only a fool that would say things like this.

A fitting summary, thus, “Therefore, I recommend to you Jesus Christ, the unchanging One. I recommend to you God’s answer to your questions, God’s solution to your problems, God’s life for your dying soul, God’s cleansing for your sin-cursed spirit, God’s rest for your restless mind, and God’s resurrection for your dying body. For advocate above, I recommend Him to you. You will find Him to be all He ever was–the very same Jesus.” A. W. Tozer.

What is the basis for your belief, where do you stand? “For God so loved the world…” The scope of salvation is so wide, so high and so deep, Selah. I know where and what I am standing on, do you?

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



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