Provision is always in the Word – Part 2

imagesWhen you think provision, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Money is it not? I thought like that for a while till God began to enlighten my understanding, that provision is not just about money, it has much more to do with physical and spiritual wholeness, total well-being. So to restrict provision to just money is incomplete.

Provision as I understood it to be when the Lord enlightened my eyes to this truth, is complete wholeness and perfect soundness of spirit, soul and body, nothing missing or broken, in other words, lacking nothing. Listen to this, “Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].” Read 3 John 2:2 (AMP). Now, you must have a revelation of God’s love for you to really comprehend His immeasurable blessing of provision such that you have “much more than enough” to be a distribution centre.

Indulge me for a minute, I am excited, and I want to say your provision is at the place where God has placed you. Wait wait wait, before you go off on me, listen to this, “Elijah was at the place where God wanted him to be, and it was there God commanded the ravens to feed him.” Read 1 Kings 17:3-6 (NLT). God provided for Elijah physically and spiritually by providing food and sustenance. So here is a question, if Elijah had not been where the Lord wanted him to be, what do you think would have happened? The scripture does not tell us but we can infer Elijah would have gone hungry, starved and ran out of steam and disoriented.

As I continue to study the Word of God as it relates to provision, it will be a great indictment to embrace lack, when the Lord has said “According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” Read 2 Peter 1:3 (KJV).

According to the text, provision is intertwined with our exact and complete knowledge of God and His Word. Hence I said, “Your provision is ALWAYS in the Word.” It is not in your job, your family inheritance or heritage, your investments, or savings or intellectual brilliance in the stock market; whilst all these things are good, GOD is your ultimate PROVIDER.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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