The Word is a lamp: Celebrate the Word – Part 5b

iuAs I began to think of the reasons why God’s Word must be celebrated, a particular verse of scripture resonated with me so strongly, and this verse is what will give you and me the course to CELEBRATE God’s Word more than ever before. “The Son is the radiance and only expression of the glory of [our awesome] God [reflecting God’s Shekinah glory, the Light-being, the brilliant light of the divine], and the exact representation and perfect imprint of His [Father’s] essence, and upholding and maintaining and propelling all things [the entire physical and spiritual universe] by His powerful Word [carrying the universe along to its predetermined goal].” Read Hebrews 1:3 (AMP). God’s Word is the never-ending glue, think about it on the basis of Hebrews 1:3.

Can you see this? The Son in this context is referring to Jesus – the Word of God became flesh, was made manifest and dwelt amongst us. God’s Word is always in the beginning, and I say this because when you study the creation story, God spoke words and creation came into being. Therefore, since we know God’s Word is what holds the universe together, it would be appropriate for you and me to worship and revere the one who holds the universe in its place – God’s Word.

Listen to this, “And He Himself existed and is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together. [He is the controlling, cohesive force of the universe.]” Read Colossians 1:17 (AMP). This is huge, watch this, the Word existed before all things, in other words, Jesus Christ was before anything was ever imagined, Selah. Watch, watch, God’s Word is the controlling, cohesive force of the universe. Oh, my God, can you see how powerful God’s Word is? This text is simply saying, nothing can and will ever exist, and can’t hold together without the Word of God. Question, are you being held together? Really, check to make sure you are held together by the right stuff – God’s Word.

At school, I remember a book I once read in our history lesson, “Things fall apart, the centre can’t hold.” Beloved, everything will fall apart if the Word of God is not in the centre, and I mean everything. Please hear my heart on this, I am only re-echoing what the Word of God is bringing to the fore, so don’t get upset; instead, make the immediate and necessary adjustments, asking the Holy Spirit to help you.

My Father, thank You. I am eternally grateful, and in awe of Your loving kindness and exceeding abundant grace. You are indeed my awesome Father, and I praise You.

#Thy Word is a lamp.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



One thought on “The Word is a lamp: Celebrate the Word – Part 5b

  1. Absolutely blessed by this reading. Kolumns, whatever you do, please do not relent, millions all over the world are being blessed by your daily Kolumns.

    The Lord will uphold and continue to strengthen you in His grace, love and mercy in Jesus Name.


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