Remember the Lord your God – Part 1

lift up your eyes and see-9The word REMEMBER is not a dormant word, it is an active word, it requires actively, deliberately and constantly engaging one’s mind and being; exercising your memory. To REMEMBER means bring to recollection, to record mentally; anything recorded mentally can always be recalled right? And that is why it is important for you and me to be mindful of the things you keep in your memory bank.

Think with me for a moment, sometimes in life, we encounter challenging times, and in some instances, we tend to forget how the Lord brought us through so many other challenges. We quickly forget how the Lord delivered us out from those situations, and we remember the issue instead which should not be so, hence the Bible counsels, “Put Me in remembrance of His Word.” Read Isaiah 43:26. Here, from the text, we clearly see what the Lord wants us to remember – the Victory. The Bible says, “He declares the end from the beginning.” Read Isaiah 46:10 (KJV).

How did we come about “REMEMBER the Lord your God.”? As I was studying my Bible going through the Old Testament – Deuteronomy, I came across the text in Deuteronomy 8:18 (NIV) which says, “Remember the Lord your God.” I got to this point, and that was the end of Bible study for me, at least for that day. I began to meditate and I sensed the Lord bringing me to the point of REMEMBERING who He is to me. It was like the air conditioner was blowing directly at my face; you know what I mean right? And I realised how I had forgotten the goodness of God; and in His loving-kindness, He says, son, REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER.

What I am sharing with you is very personal because God wanted me to see the importance of REMEMBERING, and I trust the Lord will do the same with you as you meditate on His Word. Let me leave you with this question to ponder on, what do you REMEMBER of God? Who is He to you? What has He done for you of late?

#REMEMBER the Lord your God.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.


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