God is Always Willing

This morning I pondered on 2 scriptures and I thought to share:

“So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom. – Luke 12:32

Suddenly, a leper walked up to Jesus and threw himself down before him in worship and said, “Lord, you have the power to heal me. . . if you really want to.”Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper and said, “Of course I want to heal you—be healed!” And instantly, all signs of leprosy disappeared! – Matthew 8:2-3

Sometimes when we pray, our heart’s posture seems to be that we think we are trying to persuade or convince God to do what He doesn’t really want to do. This often affects our confidence when we pray.

The word of God must reset our perception of God. If what we are asking for is God’s will, then it also means He is very pleased and willing to give it to us.

The leper knew Jesus was able to heal him but he wasn’t sure Jesus was willing. Jesus had to correct that impression by telling him “I WANT TO”.

Just thinking about this leaves me feeling loved and very confident in God’s plans for my life. I don’t have to be afraid or fearful. This is because I know that He is happy and pleased to give me the kingdom. I’m not trying to make him do it. He has already decided to do it with all gladness and pleasure.

Meditate on the reality of God’s willingness and let it strengthen your confidence in God when you pray.



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