Be Being Filled: Defeat Goliath – Part 3

imagesI thought I had wrapped up on this topical discussion till I sensed a nudging in my spirit to continue. During meditation and thought, the Lord brought to my attention David’s exploit before he was anointed as King over Israel. The Bible tells us to be filled with the Spirit; not in a measure, but to overflowing. Imagine with me for a moment, an open tap of water over a glass and constantly pouring out none stop, the implication would be an overflow, and every part of the glass would be wet. In like manner, when there is a constant overflow of the Holy Spirit, we get over saturated, and not only that the contents of our being is refreshed and renewed because of the pouring into our vessels and overflowing out of the water of the word.

David was anointed King, however, he just was not anointed King without preparation. Scripture tells us, David was in the wilderness, and I truly believe the wilderness experience and time of preparation was a process of filling in David’s life. The wilderness experience meant that David could only turn to God. See what the Bible says, “O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.” Read Psalm 63:1 (NLT). David yearned and earnestly desired the presence of the Holy Spirit above everything else, and he also knew only the filling of the Holy Spirit would quench his thirst. The filling was going to be the catalyst for David killing Goliath and getting ahead in life.

Is there a Goliath in your life? When you read the David and Goliath story in 1 Samuel 17  (ERV), he tormented the armies of Israel morning and evening, and for 40 days; equating to 80 times a day. Can you imagine someone being tormented for most part of the day, you will agree that an infilling and overflow of the Holy Spirit is of critical importance if you and I are to defeat the Goliath in our lives. Goliath can represent anyone or thing that causes you constant distress, where it looks like there is no way out. But I want to announce to you what my Bible says, “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be paralyzed by this mighty army! For the battle is not yours, but God’s.” Read 2 Chronicles 20:15 (TLB). I believe the Lord is asking you and I to maintain a position where He can constantly pour into our lives; and when we do yield, we become like David who slew Goliath.

I am aware of the socio-economic challenges, and as Christians we live, work and interact with the society because we have businesses in the market place, therefore, we sometimes feel the impact. BUT, our help comes from the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth. My Bible also tells me,”The earth is the Lord‘s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Read Psalm 24:1 (KJV). My Father owns everything, and we truly have to wrap our intelligent minds around this truth. Everything means, everything!

To defeat whatever is a Goliath in your life, you can’t afford to be empty or half full, you must be FULL of the Holy Spirit. Listen to what Micah said, “But as for me, I am filled with powerwith the Spirit of the LORD. I am filled with justice and strength to boldly declare Israel’s sin and rebellion.” Read Micah 3:8 (NLT). In like manner, I am declaring to you, “Be filled.” Watch this, not accepting what God has said is rebellion and sin. And you and I can’t continue to live like this, there is more in God! I said there is more in God, and you and I would need to press in more and more.

We write. You read. Be encouraged.



One thought on “Be Being Filled: Defeat Goliath – Part 3

  1. This is exceptionally good Pastor Ricky. God Bless you richly as you share insights into the heart of God with us.

    You are truly a gift to the Body of Christ in your own special way. Keep writing, and when you feel weary, always remember, there are those who are benefiting from your ministry.


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